Acquisition and Nesting optimisation

Acquisition and Nesting Optimisation

Visio F represents a milestone in the world of leather acquisition: the combination of the detection system that allows material digitalisation and the advanced nesting algorithm make Visio a winning choice.

Through the integration of the LeatherScanner Software it is possible to identify and manage quality areas previously highlighted by the operator with specific marks.


Tools, machinery, applications

Scanning, defect detection, optimised automatic nesting and storing: everything needed for perfect cutting, with a focus on reducing material waste.

Detection systems

Artificial intelligence at the service of man

Each detection system makes our integrated systems the best allies in your everyday work


Advanced algorithms that improve your workflow.

Opera Offline

Millimeter accuracy, maximum sustainability


Recut is the detection software that allows you to scan the matched pieces, freely arranged on the table, and acquire their perimeters.

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