PLAZA Series

Automatic cutting systems for upholstery, saddlery, furniture and automotive

Versatility, power and precision

A full range of cutting systems PLAZA Series designed by Elitron for applications on large format leathers and materials of greater consistency typical of the world of upholstery, saddlery, furniture and automotive. The systems can be equipped with a wide range of tools to guarantee extreme versatility and high-quality standards on productions that require complex processes by combining, in the same session, processes normally carried out in different phases.

In cases of complex processes, the workflow manage sequentially through VISIO acquisition table, the OPERA offline nesting software and the cutting on the Plaza, allows to increase productivity and optimize the material yield as nesting is not just performed on a single hide but rather on a stock of hides scanned and stored in a digital database.


Applications and materials

Plaza Series cutting systems are able to cut a wide range of materials: leather, eco-leather, regenerated leather, synthetic, foam, textile, rubber, polycarbonate, plastic, cardboard, foams, textile, paper. Depending on client specific production needs, PLAZA cutting systems are available to cut up to 120mm thikness, so that they can also be used on technical or foam materials.

DOMINO Software, interfaceable with the management system, for the management of the cutting orders. DOMINO can coordinate all data (article, quantity, patterns, and materials) and in offline version, organize and plan the activity of one or more cutting units.

Detection systems

Artificial intelligence at the service of man

Each detection system makes our integrated systems the best allies in your everyday work

Seeker System

Vision system for automatic, digital registration mark identification and printed images.


Advanced algorithms that improve your workflow.


When knowledge meets precision. Automation at the service of style.

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