Elitron’s volumes grew strongly in 2022, setting the foundations for a positive start to 2023.

Articolo pubblicto il 12 June 2023

Article translated from “Il Poligrafico” – Interview to Paolo Malatesta, Executive Director of Elitron Company

Paolo Malatesta
Elitron Executive Director
  1. How have sales of your finishing systems gone in the post-pandemic period? The packaging industry didn’t come to a standstill during lockdown, and thanks also to the exceptional work carried out by the sales team, Elitron saw global growth during 2021-22. Italy has now become more prominent than in the past. In 2021 we returned to our pre-pandemic sales numbers and in 2022 we surpassed our previous best results, setting a new sales record.
  2. Can you indicate the number of the most popular systems installed in the Italian market today?
    Elitron operates in 4-5 business sectors (Visual Communications, Fashion, Leather Goods, Cutting Solutions for Industrial Materials, and Packaging).
    The Kombo TAV Cutting System sales represent 30% of the company’s turnover, with over 10 units sold in 2022. Over 30 KOMBO SD+ Cutting Systems alone were sold in 2022, and the Visual Communications and Packaging sectors together account for 70% of Elitron’s turnover, a growing turnover that in 2023 is on target for further growth.
  3. Is there a BEST-SELLING model or configuration among them?
    Our best seller in Italy is the KOMBO TAV, the fully automatic cutting system engineered specifically for display & packaging production. This system represents state-of-the-art in cutting technology, as well as the KOMBO TH, another digital cutting system with 2 cutting heads that is much appreciated for its versatility and multi-applications.
  4. How is 2023 going so far, and what strategies are you implementing and trends do you anticipate? 2022 marked a year with strong growth volumes, creating the basis for a positive start to 2023. First quarter results are in line with the increased budget we set ourselves, however we are aware that this will be a more challenging year. Incentives for Industry 4.0 gave a strong boost to the market in 2022, but the end of this state contribution could dampen investments.
    Subsidized tax credit in Southern Italy remains active, and for this reason we are increasing commercial contacts and distribution in Italy, offering not only cutting solutions, but also accessories, and the full range of industrial automation systems that directly reduce production costs.