Elitron has obtained Enviromental Certification ISO 14001:2015

Articolo pubblicto il 03 July 2023

Elitron has obtained certification of its Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

In addition to guaranteeing compliance with the relevant legislative requirements, the Environmental Management System aims to continually improve company performance that has an impact on the environment, such as energy saving, ensuring a more efficient, rational and conscious use of resources, so as to reduce waste, refuse and emissions.

In fact, this certification represents the accomplishment of a series of activities developed over time that have led to the definition of a monitoring system of the environmental resources used in the company’s management.

Elitron has always carried out its activities with an eye to the environment and energy saving, with a constant aim to improve the performance of its systems also in terms of environmental impact.

Elitron cutting systems are equipped with a powerful vacuum table, divided into sectors that can be activated only where the cutting head is working, to guarantee maximum material holding and a lower use of energy compared to activating the entire table.

Elitron Power Management, which has been installed on the entire range of Elitron systems, has also been added this year to reduce the energy consumption of the powerful vacuum table by up to 50%.

Thanks to EPMS for an energy-intensive machine working 8 hours a day for 1 year, it is possible to save more than 10,000 kW/h per year, or 4,7 tons less CO2 in one year. The equivalent of 10,000 washing cycles at 40° for a washing machine.

The achievement of ISO 14001:2015 certification confirms Elitron’s commitment to promoting the creation of shared, sustainable and environmentally friendly value.