high precision laser system

High precision laser system

Planar is the cutting, engraving and laser marking system that allows performing high quality processing. Planar is the result of Elitron experience in research and development. Thank to the video projection system it is equipped with, it allows you to place the shapes directly on the hide optimizing the yield of the material, while the head equipped with CO2 laser source moves perpendicularly on the surface, ensuring speed and precision during processing. The system is also provided with Domino Software for the management of processing orders in Windows environment.


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The suction working surface with vacuum pump of 5,5 kW for an additional fumes extraction. The video-projection system for the shapes placementon the hide, ensures less waste. The laser head with power from 200W to 400W, moves perpendicularly to the surface, ensuring an extremely precise and clean cut, with no burns on all hide types.

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