Students from Poliarte – Academy of Fine Arts and Design on visit to Elitron

Articolo pubblicto il 02 March 2023

March 2023 – A new collaboration project kicks off between Elitron and Poliarte-Academy of Fine Arts and Design of Ancona.

Monte Urano – The Ancona-based design academy, which has been promoting the culture of design and communication since 1972, positioning itself at the top of design institutions in terms of notoriety, teaching quality and proximity to the business world, has chosen Elitron as its partner company for its projects to bring it closer to the world of work. In keeping with its mission to train excellent #professionals and #design innovators.

During the morning, the students had the opportunity to visit Elitron’s headquarters and learn more about the company’s business reality, before dedicating themselves in the coming months to a project that will see them engaged in the study and realisation of creative solutions for the company.

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